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It’s Your Choice – Hand


This exercise will teach your dog a default Leave It and is the basis of all impulse control (something that will be very useful when having our dogs in public settings!)
It was originally invented by Susan Garrett and is now used by owners all over the world!

When our dogs are born and grow up with their litter-mates they learn right from the start that if they want to have something in life, they should rush in and get it.

No puppy ever gets anything by politely sitting back and letting his siblings go first!

So by the time they come to our house life has already taught them that if they want to have a resource, they should be fast and strong in getting it. If they are not, their desired object just disappears! (because someone else gets it)

Now we want to turn this concept around and teach them that from now on, if they wait they can have things but if they are impatient these things may disappear.

In It’s Your Choice, we will only use our hand to communicate “right” and “wrong”.

Open hand – right

Closed hand – wrong