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Whether you’re dealing with a misbehaving dog or just want to teach your companion some neat tricks, SpiritDog Academy will help.
  • Positive, game-changing training
  • See improvement in your dog's behavior within two weeks!
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back
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  • Packages starting at $20/month
  • 700 step-by-step lessons to achieve anything and everything with your pup
  • Scientifically proven, positive methods that will transform your relationship with your dog
  • PDFs and certificates to download and keep forever
  • Weekly Zoom meetings with Steffi and an online community for all your questions

At SpiritDog,

We are the Netflix of dog training

With 700 step-by-step lessons, 420 videos ranging from basic obedience and leash walking over tricks and games, to addressing behavior problems such as aggression and separation anxiety, potty training issues and tackling reactivity, we are the most extensive dog training resource on the internet.

At SpiritDog,

You get your money’s worth

SpiritDog members report that they see changes in their dogs’ attention and focus after just a couple of short exercises. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on boot camps when you can try proven methods at $20/month.

If, after 14 days, you find you don’t have enough time to apply SpiritDog with your pup, we will give you your money back so that you can come back at any time.

At SpiritDog,

We believe you are the best trainer for your dog

Nobody will focus as hard and try as much as you will for your beloved dog. Your dog is not stubborn or spiteful. When you learn proper and positive, game-based training methods, your dog will surprise you with just how much he can learn and change in a short time.

At SpiritDog,

We know you can do it

Lessons are bite-sized and easy to put into practice. Watch the video and get training! No time wasted on getting to classes. Steffi hosts weekly Zoom meetings to answer any questions and created the SpiritDog community for all of those who share our passion.

At SpiritDog,

There’s always something new

New training and vlog content from Steffi is added weekly. And we are throwing it on top of the mountain of content we have already! There is always a way to change it up or reward your pup with tricks and games, we have it all! Members are always welcome to suggest new content.

At SpiritDog,

It’s just fun

Transforming your relationship with your puppy pooch will be a joy, and your progress is recorded and celebrated with badges, achievements, and printable certificates. You and your dog will never be bored! Becoming a team never was so fun.

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Our Packages now with a 1 week trial for $2:

Complete and professional dog training from the comfort of your home

Puppy Starter

Get access to:
  • 5 Core courses
  • Future courses
  • 12 Roadmaps
  • Community
  • Complete quizzes
  • Earn badges and certificates
  • Attend weekly Zoom meetings/view recordings
  • Video blog
$20/ month/month

Super Dog

Get access to:
  • ALL 17 current courses
  • ALL future courses
  • 12 Roadmaps
  • Community
  • Complete quizzes
  • Earn badges and certificates
  • Attend weekly Zoom meetings/view recordings
  • Video blog
$497/year /month

Legend Dog

Get access to:
  • All 17 current courses
  • Future courses
  • 12 Roadmaps
  • Community
  • Complete quizzes
  • Badges and Certificates
  • Attend weekly Zoom meetings/view recordings
  • Video blog
  • A 30 min private, one-on-one remote session with our trainer every month
$89/ month/month

Satisfaction guaranteed! Get your money back in the first 14 days if you don’t like the class.

We have helped over 4,000 dog owners train over 4,000 happy dogs.

THE BEST! This is an incredibly clear, detailed and valuable resource place and trainer!

We worked only online, and I still got so much out of it that I will always be grateful. Steffi is simply amazing, hard to describe if one hasn’t met her. She just always knows what to do – and does it effectively. What is especially good and important is that she has a great ability to transfer knowledge and experience; her communication, techniques and approach are very clear and understandable.

Tamara P.

Training that works

Our Airedale terrier was aggressive and had trouble following instructions but through the course of time spent following SpiritDog Training, that has changed completely. Otis is now eager to please, always willing to learn new commands and tricks, and is protective of our family. What a different dog he is, from when we got him!

Susan A.

SpiritDog does that and makes learning fun and easy!

As someone who taught dog training classes for at least a quarter of a century, I struggled with making the exercises into bite size pieces that could be practiced and built upon. SpiritDog does that and makes learning fun and easy! A happy time for all!”

Sam P.

Positive reward based training

I’ve taken some online classes with SpiritDog Training and they’ve been great! Even as a dog trainer, I’ve learned some great tips and I’m sure you will too! Positive reward based training is the way to go! Have fun training and build that wonderful trust with your dog. I highly recommend joining SpiritDog.

Mitch P.

My dog gets better everyday

We love the games! My silly adolescent Golden Retriever has gained focus almost overnight. Today, we were playing in the garden when the German Shepherd next door invited her to do some fence running. She went over to the fence, woofed once and then ran back to me to continue with our games!

Anna L.

SpiritDog has been just what we needed.

SpiritDog shares such fun rewarding tips and tricks for our dog. She’s a Bull terrier, and can have a stubborn streak. The tips have made her such a fun dog—she loves learning new tricks and showing off. You see her trying so hard to get it right! And how happy she is when she does. SpiritDog has been just what we needed.

Lisa A.

My dog is starting to incorporate and benefit from your methods,

I think you do an amazing job of presenting classical conditioning in a way that’s understandable and applicable for dogs (and their owners, of course ) who are struggling with reactivity. As a psychotherapist, I knew the difference between operant and classical but had no idea reactive dogs need the latter, and was using the former without much improvement. She is calmer and so are we! Thank you for being a consummate professional and being patient with us slow human learners. Much appreciation.

Joanna H.

Long Live Online Dog Training.

It's hard to find a dog training professional you can trust. Traditional in-person dog training is expensive and usually done in big groups, which means the direct contact between the trainer and your dog each session is reduced to mere minutes. It already costs around $20-$50/hour.

I am Steffi Trott.

I have four dogs of my own and a passion for improving and exploring the human-canine connection. I studied dog training with multi-world champions in agility and European Open winners. I have chased the best in the world on this subject, both the practical experience of the world’s best trainers and the scientific publications.

I have not only trained dogs. I have taught thousands of people how to train dogs, both locally and online, since 2013.

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