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Incessant biting is by far the most common problem new puppy owners face. It can escalate to the point where we don’t even want to be around the puppy anymore because he is just constantly latching on to us!

It is really important that you follow the advice in this section in order to curb the biting. Your puppy will need a lot of chew items. Not just one bone. Not just one toy. 

The puppy pen can be stuffed with all kinds of delicious chews and interactive toys. This is what the pen of a puppy with biting issues should look like:

Nearly every week I get an email from someone saying that the approach taught in this class didn’t work for their puppy. When I inquire about the chews they offered their puppy, they always answer that they tried one or two and then gave up.

You need to try out a lot. You need to offer your puppy many delicious chew options. Many puppies will not chew on something the first time you try. Be consistent. Keep offering it. Eventually your puppy will understand that chewing feels calming and relieves the intense urge to bite something he has.