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Not Our Best Session

In this session I had intended to show you how Party is doing some counterconditioning towards the sound of barking dogs outside. I had chosen to do this outside because the sniffing would work better there and this usually is a very quiet yard – no neighbors with dogs close by, no traffic etc.

However, we were negatively surprised by a dog barking in the distance right at the start of the session.
(Which was a bit ironic considering how I was praising sounds as a controllable trigger in planned setups 😉 )

Because I am using a microphone near my head, you cannot hear the sound of the barking dog and the recording actually seems much louder … in reality, the dog barking in the distance was a lot louder than the one on my phone.

If you closely observe his body language (you can also compare it with other videos such as the No Helper II video) you notice that he definitely looks subdued and stressed. His tailset is usually very high (carried above his back), but in this case it was low. You can also see some lip licking and some strange walking behind me to get to his treat.

For me, this was a poor session – we definitely got busted by that trigger that I could not control.

However, I wanted to show it to you as I hope we can all learn from it:

  • Bad days happen
  • Sometimes we cannot really “turn the corner” and make our dogs happy in a session
  • It’s ok to end and start over next time 🙂