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How To Succeed In This Course


In order to get the most out of this class, here are a couple pointers.


Prevent Rehearsing Reactive Behavior

We will discuss this in more detail later, but you should already start to make plans on how you can keep your dog from crossing his threshold and “going crazy”.

Depending on your dog’s specific area of reactivity, this can mean:

  • Putting up privacy film on your windows (for a dog who barks out the windows)
  • Putting the dog into a different room if you expect visitors or deliveries (for a dog reactive to people coming to the door)
  • Changing/stopping your walking routine (for a dog reactive to dogs/people on walks)
  • Draping a tarp over your fence or putting up a second makeshift fence consisting of exercise pens a few feet away from your actual fence (for a dog who fence-fights or charges the fence)


Becoming A Consistent Trainer

Many owners start out highly motivated and train their dogs perfectly for 1-2 weeks and then life happens and the training stalls. Your dog is pretty much guaranteed to need more than 2 weeks of training to address his reactivity. 

Make training a part of daily life.

Reward yourself with something fun after a week of consistent training, for example:

  • Reading a new book
  • Having some chocolate, cake or wine
  • An evening of watching your favorite show
  • Getting a massage or manicure
  • Having a nice dinner
  • Going to watch a movie

Whatever it is that you enjoy and that motivates you – you can trick your brain into liking the habit of training more by using it as a reward for yourself 🙂