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Brodie’s Story – An Interview

You have seen many videos of Brodie in this class. I had the pleasure of interviewing my friend and his owner Beverly a while ago for my podcast.

She shares how living with a highly reactive dog was like – how she managed full-time work and training Brodie (not an easy task!), her ups and downs along the journey and how Brodie finally got to have a friend.

This is not a necessary module – you can skip it as it’s not required for your own training. But if you want to listen in to someone else’s story with their own reactive dog, this is a great one!

As I mentioned in the course before, Brodie started out as far as 300ft away from me while training. We had to communicate with our phones as he could only stay under his threshold if I and my dog were way out of earshot.

Brodie and Bev showed that helping a highly reactive dog get better is possible.