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Sending To Car

Let’s teach our dog to send to the car!


Building up the skill of going to the car and hopping in is very similar to building up the skill of going to a mat and lying down there.
We will make sure our rewards always happen in the car to make it very clear where our dog should go (just like we always reward on the mat).

All behavior gravitates towards the reward – this is an important dog training concept.

When we are teaching a behavior close to us, we should reward close to us:when we call our dog – we want to reward them right on front of us/next to us to show them that the value lies in coming all the way).

And when we are teaching a behavior away from us, the reward needs to be where we want the dog to perform the behavior (so we want the dog to go and sit in the car – then we need reward in the car).

If you are ever struggling with teaching any behavior because your dog doesn’t seem to “go where you want them to go” – remember this concept and make sure the reward encourages the dog’s position and movement!