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In & Out Game



In the In & Out Game, we can work on 3 key skills for our dogs at once:

  1. Staying in the car until released
  2. Immediately focusing on the handler once out of the car (instead of racing off)
  3. Happily jumping back into the car

When asking your dog to jump back into the car, you can use any cue you’d like (“car”, “in”, “hop up” etc.)
If you are using a crate in the car, you can use the cue that you would also use for going into the crate at home – your dog will transfer that easily.

As you are playing the In & Out Game, make sure that your dog is still always listening to you.
Sometimes dogs get really excited with these kind of pattern games and start to anticipate: 
“I jump in and out and in and out … no need to listen I can do it on my own!”

If you notice that your dog is just jumping in and out on his own terms 😉 slow down the game so they can focus and listen again.