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Greta is 2.5 years old and has been training since she got adopted by her family 1 year ago.
She loves frisbee, having a ball with her 24/7 and belly rubs.

Greta doesn’t like strangers approaching her but has made a lot of progress in that area. She used to lose her mind – but not anymore!

She also started out not liking water at all, but now water is a big favorite of hers and mom can hardly get her out again 😉

As always, we start out by working on skills at home.
Here you can see Greta showing what she learned inside:

And only once our dog understands the skills well in environments without distractions, we gradually increase the difficulty of the environment.

In this video you can watch Greta practicing in a parking lot near some stores:

And now you can see how Greta advanced to being able to focus and work with her handler even in a distracting setting: