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Car Boundaries – Why?


Car boundaries are a very important, but often neglected safety skill.


It is crucial that your dog understands that he should not just fly out of the car when you open the car door/door to his crate.
Teaching your dog to properly stay in the car until released will also make the outings more joyful for you – nobody likes to start a training session or hike with wrestling their dog back into the car, or saying “uh-uh” twenty times before releasing the dog.

In the first part of this section you will see a dog learn about car boundaries for the first time. In the second part, we show you how to advance car boundaries with dogs that already have some knowledge of the skill.

In the first lessons you will see this training done without a crate, and in the second part with a crate.

Even if you do not have a crate in your car, please never let your dog ride loose. It is extremely dangerous for you and them if you were to get into an accident.
(Even if it is absolutely not your fault – such as when getting rear-ended, your dog could go flying through the car and really hurt themselves and you)