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Understanding Your Puppy’s Character

Of course, your dog is not “just” a result of his breed or his parents.

Just like people, dogs do have a genetic component to their behavior; BUT they also have their very own personality. No two dogs within a breed behave the same, and even the puppies of one litter will have different characters and personalities!

And your dog’s final behavior will be a combination of all these factors – plus the training you do.

The breed-specific tips you find in this course will have to be combined with everything else you know about your dog. They are not set in stone. Most dogs have some quirks that have nothing to do with their breed.

For example:

  • Shine loves to dig holes around balls. When I am training with balls, I have to make sure to either keep him super engaged, the entire time, or not do it on “diggable” ground, because the desire to just put the ball down and dig a hole around it is so strong for him! This has nothing to do with his breed or parents (I actually asked the owners of his relatives if their dogs do it – nope!); it is just who he is.

But this is what makes owning dogs so fun, right? Everyone has their own personality and it is so fun to get to know it 🙂 And makes them so lovable!