Sighthounds | SpiritDog Academy


Sighthounds are really sweet and easy-going dogs … once they’re grown up.

The bad news is that there is not really anything you can do to calm them down as puppies, some will be craaaazy.

The good news is that even without doing much, they usually become really pleasant couch potatoes once matured (while still being ready to run when it is time to go outside).

Sighthounds have very long toes, and sometimes injure them at some point in their lives (just from running around). It is crucial to get them used to nail trims early on, as long nails can increase the likelihood of injuries, as well as being painful.

Bred to (obviously) hunt by sight, these dogs have an intense prey drive. Some may never be able to be let off-leash safely. If you are in any doubt whether your Sighthound will stay with you or run away – keep him on a leash and only allow free running in a fenced area!

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