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Mixed-Breed Puppies

If you own a mixed breed dog, definitely check out the lessons on the breeds of both parents (or suspected breed, if you own a rescue).

However, be aware that no one trait of your dog will be exactly 50% mom and 50% dad (this applies to both mixed breeds and pure-breds!)

If your dog’s mom is 16.0 inches and your dog’s dad is 21.0 inches, your dog’s size will likely not be exactly 18.5 inches. It could be 16.5 or 18.7 or 21 inches … it’s very likely that the size will be more towards either side of the spectrum than exactly in the middle.

The same applies to traits. If you cross a very handler-focused breed such as an Australian Shepherd with an independent breed like a Husky, the offspring will not be exactly halfway between handler-focused and independent. Maybe some puppies of the litter will be more towards one side and others more towards the other.

So, if you have an Aussie-Husky cross, please don’t assume your dog will need exactly 1/2 of the Husky approach and 1/2 of the Aussie approach for all areas of training. Perhaps your dog will have the intense prey drive of the Husky, but not have any noise sensitivity issues at all.

As your puppy grows up, you will likely see different intensities of different traits. Based on how prevalent a certain trait is, you should decide how much you prioritize it in your training.