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Herding Dogs

Let’s talk about herding dogs – Border Collies, Aussies, Shelties, Heelers & co.

Another group of extremely high-energy breeds, it will be crucial to find a healthy balance between providing your puppy with the activity (s)he needs, while at the same time not creating an exercise-junkie. If you let your Aussie decide how much ball you should play – well, you will be out there for a long time, playing!

Motion sensitivity can become a real issue in this breed and should be carefully monitored early on. If your puppy shows motion-sensitivity and does not respond to your cues once he’s “locked onto” something that’s moving, you need to remove him from the situation asap.

The more often these dogs are allowed to pursue motion (whether that motion is a cat or a child or a car or even light reflections), the more they will crave it. They were bred to really get a kick out of staring at and going after motion, and unless you manage this, they will self-reward heavily with it.

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