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Doodles are all mixed breeds that have some kind of Poodle in their pedigree. Often they are first-generation mixes of a Poodle and e.g. a Golden Retriever (a Goldendoodle).

However, some breeders also breed second or third generation Doodles (such as F1b Goldendoodles).

The main training challenge for most Doodle owners is their intense desire to meet and greet and experience the world! When training a Doodle, you will have to invest a lot of time into teaching him/her that you are fun as well – not just everything else around.

If you own a Doodle that is a cross of e.g. an Aussie and a Poodle, or a Shih Tzu and a Mini Poodle, make sure to also check out the lesson about the breed of the other parent 🙂

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